Monday, March 12, 2007

TralaGon Chinese Festival 2007 with ISA

These are portion of photos I took on Chinese Festival Tralagoon. Most of the photos was shot on the basis of recording the whole events rather than my normal style.

These kids are really so cute! They was so enjoying!

So concentrating on coloring.

International Student Association (ISA) rocks! A successful event :)

[Don't ask me why XX proportion >> XY haha!I didn't meant it]

Friday, March 09, 2007

OLD photos...

Authentic OLD fashioned film camera.

I borrowed from my photography lecturer.

Fully manual control.

You need to reload each time after shutter been released.

Wind back all of the memories and keep it into a small tube.

No perfect combination. Only suitable combination. You might think that someone or something is perfect for you, but you wouldn't know other decisions and combination you made might have a different effect and suprise. Discover you life without fear.

OLD works....

All of these are my previous works.

Took from inside of ferry. Windows.

Say "NO"to porn.

我應該在窩裡 ,不應該在這里 ,看到你們有多甜密。

好溫馨 ,攝於金馬崙高原。