Monday, June 01, 2009

Theme for today: Lonely

Ah Cat
Most of the time in this first half of 2009, I do looks like "Ah Cat": being hesitant, lonely, and lethargic. Nothing much to update about my current state.

Well, it is time to feed something to my hungry photo blog. So, I decided to show a group of 4 pictures (2 portraits & 2 landscapes) which somehow matches Ah Cat. Feel free to discuss the story behind the photo with me, and I'm more than happy to send you a high resolution photo if these photos touch ur heart.

These photos were taken earlier this year in Jonker Street. It is indeed a memorable place for us. We used to drive all the way from Muar to Malacca out of a sudden. Driving to Malacca is far considered there was no highway to Malacca, at that time; moreover, we are just newbies driver. Time flies but 景物依旧。

Now, sit back and enjoy the photos.

Jonker Street
Wonder how I had taken this shot? Hehe.

Portrait 1
The warm and cool color seems work well here.

Portrait 2
This is has been fine touched by my rough Photoshop's skills. Worth it for a try although might not be a perfect one. Looks fine on my screen, but it might be too dark on urs. Nevertheless, for black & white, I believe you have to actually hold the real print, then only you can feel the impact.

My favorite in this photo trip.

That's it for this time. Take care.


Blogger Raoul said...

I like both the portraits!
I also tried your special technique for the Jonker street photo at Pudu..

but hor my cam has only 2sec or ten sec timer.. making my photo taking process tedious.. and a security guard came up to ask what I was up to!

ask me whether its for personal or professional use. If professional have to get permit or license! LOL!

hehe I think most photographers have got into a tight spot here and there for their enthusiasm!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Teddy said...

Don't u just miss home when u r so far away?

5:34 AM  

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