Monday, June 01, 2009

Theme for today: Lonely

Ah Cat
Most of the time in this first half of 2009, I do looks like "Ah Cat": being hesitant, lonely, and lethargic. Nothing much to update about my current state.

Well, it is time to feed something to my hungry photo blog. So, I decided to show a group of 4 pictures (2 portraits & 2 landscapes) which somehow matches Ah Cat. Feel free to discuss the story behind the photo with me, and I'm more than happy to send you a high resolution photo if these photos touch ur heart.

These photos were taken earlier this year in Jonker Street. It is indeed a memorable place for us. We used to drive all the way from Muar to Malacca out of a sudden. Driving to Malacca is far considered there was no highway to Malacca, at that time; moreover, we are just newbies driver. Time flies but 景物依旧。

Now, sit back and enjoy the photos.

Jonker Street
Wonder how I had taken this shot? Hehe.

Portrait 1
The warm and cool color seems work well here.

Portrait 2
This is has been fine touched by my rough Photoshop's skills. Worth it for a try although might not be a perfect one. Looks fine on my screen, but it might be too dark on urs. Nevertheless, for black & white, I believe you have to actually hold the real print, then only you can feel the impact.

My favorite in this photo trip.

That's it for this time. Take care.