Saturday, January 20, 2007

mY new SpEC

This is NOT my spec!

Don't think that by just wearing pinkly stuff then you are cute. Sucks!

Pinkly V2.

Why can't I "google' your body with my eye ? If you don't like it, better stay at home.

I don't care even you are royal emperor purple. You are just a normal man.

Environmental science student not necessary love the earth.

Green V2.

Who cares you are fucking bLue now? Many peoples out there suffer more than you! So, don't keep on spam your blog with those naggy blUE story.


Even you have a lot of Vitamin C-ash-ondomimum-arrier-redit card-ar-arlyn (oOpps..haha), don't mean that that you will definitely happy.

I prefer this one.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DrOOL....fISh oh~!

This is the fish market of Parit Jawa which famous in selling fresh juicy fish.

As a cat, hehe, can't wait....drOOL!!!

I'm a cat.

I love to eat fish.

No matter it is

Icy cool.



Right: He is taking photo on us ler.
Left: I know, that's why i smile mar.


The bottom of a stall. Fish in the longkang.


So much for this time.

FisH, muaksss I love you, 愛你愛到吃掉你!

STadiUm's flowers

I apologize for not update my blog frequently.

I was so busy. Busy preparing that wedding DVD for cousin. I just came back from Singapore.

Then the next morning, I have a relax sluggish walk at stadium that nearby my house. I managed to snap a few shots.

S-p-r-e-a-d all over the place.

Golden Screen Road.

I love the yellow complexion.

Thats all.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wedding Phototography 1st Assignment!

30th December 2006, for the first time I became the cameraman of a wedding ceremony. It was truly an amazing and pleasant experience for me.

For me, this is the best photo I took in this wedding ceremony. Euphoria overwhelmed everyone. Groom and bridal, in fact everyone were put on with the joyful smile. Isn't it this photo make people feel like getting married?


Wedding Candle. Happiness stored in heart. So sweet.

Ferrero Rocher 滿心,滿足。

It was actually my cousin, Wilson's wedding. I realized that to become a wedding cameraman is not that easy as I though, I was so tired. Have to wake up in the early 6 a.m. morning, follow tightly until night time.

Between, hitting this kind of event, I noticed that there is no time for you to slowly construct your photo, slowly adjust your aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. I guess all of these depend on experiences and swift idea which Malcolm Gladwell called it as blink.

But then nvm la, hehe, he gave a big angpao, how nice! Kidding la, for me, the most important is that I learned and improved from this unforgettable experience.

Don't hesitate to leave some comments there!

P.S.: Fatu, I volunteer to become your wedding's cameraman, erhm, let say maybe end of 2007 when I'm back. Haha!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lonely lonely Christmas 2006

Lonely Christmas 2006 It was so different from the past five years. Alone in Sunway's home drinking my Langkawi bought Heineken.

Outside was full of joy and happiness. Fireworks. Caroling. Laughters. Warm & pleasant surrounded me. Although I felt it. But, I can't mix into these atmosphere. I was in the bottle.

Get it ?

I was not drunken by alcohol. Maybe by my own self.