Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Grampians Trip

It is a trip organized by Photography Club. Erhm, it is a normal trip, not really fun if you don't like to take photos, but i guess most of the peoples in that trip is just enjoying the outing of with whole groups friends. Check it Out!

I hope you guys can take times to really look at these photos, it tells story.

What's behind? Everyone looking at?

One of my best black and white, you can feel the age of this old tree.

Messy in the blue, burned Australia forest.



Autumn in yellow.

It's everywhere.

黑玫瑰 ,你還不献身?


Life is meaningless without love, family and friends. Just like this pool of water, without blue sky, sand and trees, it won't be so colorful.

Angel private swimming pool.

Cascading waterfall.

This photo best represent the whole trip. 1) Some 1 taking photo 2) Few members on the trip 3) The bus that the all of us there.

Sexy lady (guess who??).

Grampians sunset.

No border is needed for this photo, simply because there is no border of sun ray.

Finally, sunset.

Moon is coming out :)
[Love this photo a lot]

Winery and wine testing.
(what can you notice it this photos?ooopss...haha)

I called it beautiful wine.

I bought one of them.

This is an old piano in that old winery (since 1859).

Thanks!! Hope you guys love it !

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