Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Sorry guys, for not blog for so long!
Basically i was busy preparing stuff for going to Australia and only now I settled down everything in here already!

Current me. Try to act cool. Haha.

My life here is awesome!I love this place which surrounded by natural environment where occasionally you can see some kangaroos and very few koala bear here. There is some lakes here with some goose and birds as well.

2nd Sister and mum in KLIA 17th Feb 2007 (around 8 pm).

Me, eldest sister and mum.

Window seat, I managed to grab two photos. Oh no!Taking picture is prohibited during flight.

-30 °C outside. I love this photo.

BBQ at west recreational place. Monash is full of International student as you can see.

This perfectly represent my feeling.
Flowers in front of my house.

Sam my Head of School.

I want some again!

Melbourne evening.

That's all! More photos coming soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dedicated to my future valentine

I know you are there....


Although we are not couple now,

Although we might haven’t know each other,

Although we might haven’t meet yet,

Although you might now in love with someone,

Although you might now in great pain or lonely,

Although you might now living happily and contentedly,

Although I’m now worth nothing in your heart,

Although I’m now a person that in one of the corner of the world,

Although I might not yet prepared to be in love with you now,


But I sincerely trying my very best to prepare myself to become a loving person, instead of just simply **hunt** you to fulfill my inner loneliness.

But I won’t promise you anything, because promises are just illusion of feeling secure.


Fate will bring us together,

Let us patiently wait for this moment to reach,

Waiting for you, my love, my future dearest!

Happy valentine’s day 2007 :)

14th February 2007